About Us

Goodwin's Mills Fire-Rescue serves the towns of Dayton and Lyman, Maine, providing fire and emergency medical services for an area of nearly 60 square miles. Combined, the year-round population of Lyman and Dayton’s is approximately 7,000 residents.

By virtue of an Inter-local agreement enacted by the voters, the Goodwin’s Mills Fire-Rescue is a municipal fire department administered by the Lyman-Dayton Fire Commission. The Fire Commission is comprised of a selectman from each town for a two person board.

Operating out of one station located on Route 35 in the village of Goodwin's Mills, are 2 Ambulances, 1 Engine, 1 Forestry, 1 Ladder, and 1 Tanker handling approximately 850 calls for service annually.

Our staffing is a combination of full-time, per-diem, and call firefighter/EMTs. One full-time fire chief and 4 full-time firefighters are augmented by on-duty per-diem staff and a call force of 35. The fire station is staffed 24/7, 365 with two personnel, and a fire chief working Monday - Friday. We are partnered with Southern Maine Community College’s Fire Science Student Live-in Program, hosting 2 student firefighter/EMTs. Our Junior Fire Co. is made of up to eight 14-17 year olds desiring to learn about the Fire Service.

Our 9-1-1 PSAP and Dispatching is provided to us by the Biddeford Regional Communications Center housed at the Biddeford Police Department. This center is staffed with 3 communications specialists 24/7, 365. All communications personnel are trained to provide EFD (Emergency Fire Dispatch) & EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) services to our communities.

We have written Mutual Aid agreements with eight surrounding communities, and Automatic Mutual Aid is used on reported Structure Fires, High Mechanism Crashes, and other incidents to areas of town over 5 miles from our Fire Station.