"Do more for your community, than just live in it."

The Goodwins Mills Fire-Rescue hires employees to serve the communities in several different function areas. If hires onto the Call-Force, the department will provide you with all of the necessary training you need to meet our requirements. Call-Force employees must live within Dayton and Lyman or a 2.5 mile radius around the fire station. If you do not meet those requirements you should check out your local fire department for opportunities they offer.

INTERESTED?? Click HERE and have a staff member contact you, or call the station at (207) 499-2362

Call Force - Paid volunteers that serve the community. It's all about neighbors helping neighbors. Employees are paid hourly for time responding to calls, attending training, and meetings. The department covers the costs of your training classes. Call-Force employees also have the ability to work Per-Diem (template shifts) that augment the Career Staff.

Per-Diem/Part-Time - Employees hired to be on duty staffing the fire station. Per-Diem shifts are template shifts assigned to Firefighter/EMTs that work to augment a Full-Time Firefighter maintaining a staff of 2 personnel 24/7-365.

Career/Full-Time - These employees are hired full-time and work assigned to a shift (A,B,C,D) who work 24 hours on, 48 hours off, 24 hours on, 96 hours off. There are currently four career Firefighter/EMTs plus a full-time Fire Chief.

Firefighter (FF) - Performs several functions including fire suppression, fire prevention, wild land firefighting, vehicle extrication, traffic control, water rescue, hazmat operations, and many others. Training requirements initially are around 50 hours in a few months period with the ability and encouragement to attend the Firefighter II Academy which is a college semester length.

Emergency Medical Tech (EMT) - Care and transportation of the sick and injured. EMT's are license by the state in three different levels; EMT-Basic, Advanced EMT, and Paramedic. If you qualify the department will assist you in completing a 130 hour Basic EMT course, which are usually a college semester in length.

Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVO) - EVO's drive and operate our ambulances and fire apparatus. EVO skills are divided into three levels based on apparatus functionality/use. To qualify as an EVO you must be a minimum of 18 years old, hold a valid driver's license for (3) years, attend an EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operators Course) and have a driving record in good standing. CDL's are NOT required however highly desired.

EVO1 - Drive/Operate the two Ambulances, Service Truck, and Forestry Truck.

EVO2 - Drive/Operate the three Fire Engines. Basic Pumps (BPOC) is required.

EVO3 - Drive/Operate the Aerial Ladder Truck. Aerial Operations Class is required.

Junior Firefighter (JrFF) - The Junior Firefighters Program is a group of up to 10 members between the ages of 14 and 17 that want to be "students" within the fire service. This is an introduction period for high school age kids to see what it's like inside the Fire/EMS service. Junior Firefighters can attend training, meetings, and respond to incidents in accordance to Maine State Labor Laws.

Fire-Police (FP) - Primary function of the fire police is to provide traffic control/management for large emergency incidents including motor vehicle crashes and building fires. Fire Police help mitigate traffic during incidents to keep the personnel working the scene and general public safe. Must be 18 years or older and required DOT training is provided.

INTERESTED?? Click HERE and have a staff member contact you, or call the station at (207) 499-2362